Psychology Lecture November 2

Psychology Lecture November 2 - B.1 alcohol Neuro GABA...

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Unformatted text preview: B.1 alcohol Neuro GABA agonist Glutamate antagonist Dopamine and endorphin agonist Cortex, cerebellum, brain stem Adolescent brain and early 20s brain Brain has not finished developing until about age 25 25 below brain is more effected by drugs then older brains B.2 Barbiturates and tranquilizers Barbbiturates, are depssants that reduce anxiety and reduce sleep Inhibition goes down at low doses Larger doses = coordination lost, impairs mental functioning Highers doses= unconsciousness, coma, death GABA agonists, mimic Tranquilizers, similar to barb, but less powerful GABA agonists Lethal addictive effect, if you take two depressions at the same time, like depressions and alcohol B.3 Opiates Drugs that releave pain At the beginning, euphoria Opium, heroin, morphine; OxyContin They agonis endorphins GABA antagonists (dopamine increase) It stop... Your brain stops making its own endorphins C. Stimulants Def: psychoactive drugs that increase, stimulate the activity of the nervous system Caffeine Amphetamines C.1 Smoking (nicotine) 30% of all cancer deaths are due to smoking 85% of ppl with lung cancer are smokers Women are more vulnerable to lung cancer If smoking tends continue at the end of the 21century 1 billion humans will have died from smoking...
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Psychology Lecture November 2 - B.1 alcohol Neuro GABA...

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