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Psychology Lecture Oct 5 - Psychology October 5 B...

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Psychology October 5 B. Smell (olfaction) It is a chemical sense: chemical stimulation Stimulating coming from older molecules They travel up your nose til they reach the nasal cavities Until they reach olfactory receptors found in the olfactory epithelium info then goes to olfactory bulb in the brain, which is then sent to different brains areas ( ex. temporal lobes) 10 million olfactory receptors can be categorized into 1000 different types of receptors regeneration: olfactory recptors don't live very long, new ones every 30 to 60 days Aging 65 -> 25%. 80-> 75% smell, emotion, memories. (think of beach, do you smell the beach) Anosmia: lose of smell Specific anosmia: they can detect some smells but not others Asian herbalists: they snif their patients to see if they have diseases (different diseases have different smells) C. Taste or Gustation Chemical sense, come from moleculars found in food, drinks They much come in contact with silva Or gustatory cells Gustatory cells are found in taste buds taste buds are found in papillae (bumps on the tongue) Taste buds also in back of throat, cheeks, and roof of mouth Researchers used to believe that we only had 4 sensations : sweet, sour, salty, bitter They found another, umami which means yummy/delicious (aged cheese, mushrooms, etc) Regeneration: they only live 10 to 14 days Aging: by the time your 20 half of taste bud are gone Taste and smell: if you smell it, it will enhance your pleasure Sensory interaction: a prinicple accruing to which diffent senses influence and affect each
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Psychology Lecture Oct 5 - Psychology October 5 B...

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