Psychology Lecture Oct 17

Psychology Lecture Oct 17 - Chapter 3: Consciousness and...

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Chapter 3: Consciousness and the 2 Track- mind I. and II. ****There will be 12 questions from this on second midterm**** pg. 85 to 107 III. Hypnosis A. Some Definitions Hypnosis: a social interaction between and hypnosis and a participant. During session the hypnosis makes suggestings about your perception, feelings, beliefs, etc Posthypnotic suggestion: made during session by hypnosis, participants is to carry it out once the session is over Posthypnotic amnesia: suggesting made during session, for participant for forget a fact. Happens after session B. myths busting 1 thru 12 1. Can anyone be hypnotized?: based on science the majority of people are moderately hypnotizable. 10 to 20 % are difficult to hypnotize. Hypnosis seems to be stable, if you difficult to hypnotize today it is likely that you still will be in the future. Genetic, identical twins are more similar than fraternal. gene called CMOT. Unrelated to gullibility, imagination, a dpsychopathology. it is related to your ability to absurb things. Expectations play a role too, a role in how responsive or unresponsive you are. 2.
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Psychology Lecture Oct 17 - Chapter 3: Consciousness and...

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