Psychology Lecture Sept 28

Psychology Lecture Sept 28 - Ch. 6 Sensation and Perception...

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Ch. 6 Sensation and Perception Sensation i) Basic Principles A) The musts of sensation -Detection (we can only detect a tiny portion of energy, different species detect different energies.) -Transduction (the physical energy that was detected must be translated into a message that the brain understands) -Transmission (must be transmitted to the brain for further processing) Sensory receptors: highly specialized cells in the nervous system, they are the ones that detect the physical energy. They detect, transduction, and transmit Definitions: Perception: the brain taking the info collected by the senses, the brain then organizes, integrate, and interrupt it. Bottom-up processing: the process of incoming raw data. Top-down processing: use our knowledge, experience, memory, expectations, culture, and religion. All of these influence and effect the way we process information (perception is a top-down process) Is it possible to have sensation but not perception? -Prosepagnosia: loses the ability to recognize familiar faces. (They have sensation, but not perception) B. Measuring the senses 1. Psychophysics: study how the attributes of the physical world and our psychological experience of them 2. Absolute threshold: what’s the minimum about the physical stimulation and energy that
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Psychology Lecture Sept 28 - Ch. 6 Sensation and Perception...

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