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Dennis Pitalua BA 302 Assignment 1 Pg. 13-14 #1,2,3 1. A. Interval Data B. Ratio Data C. Nominal- Level Data D. Nominal- Level Data E. Ordinal- Level Data F. Ratio Data 2. A. Ratio Data B. Nominal Data C. Ratio Data D. Ratio Data 3. I went online to USAToday.com because I am not able to locate a print version. For the nominal data, I found that the tabs on the home page have this characteristic because they represent no natural order and they can be selected without order. For ordinal data, I found an article that listed the top fast food restaurant’s healthiness. They were ranked by High, Average, and Low. There is a variable rating that shows the ordinal scale of measurement. For interval level data, I found the weather on the site. It concludes the highest and lowest temperature of the day. Since there is a unit of measurement, we can determine the difference between the levels of temperature. For ratio level, I found an article that ranked the highest profiting cell phone carriers by net income. ATT was ranked 2 nd
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