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Prof. Hamm ( Fall 2011 ENGL 2148: Introduction to Shakespeare Second Essay Assignment Length: 4-5 pp. (at LEAST 4 full pages). Hard copies of the essays are due at start of lecture Wednesday, 19 October: those sent as attachments will not be accepted and will be penalized for late submission. Your essay should follow MLA style guidelines: typed (12-point Times New Roman type), double spaced, with one-inch margins all around. Your name, the course number, your discussion leader’s name, and the date should appear at the top left-hand margin. Quotations must come from the Pelican Shakespeare. Late submissions will be penalized one full grade (e.g. A becomes B) for each day late. Choose one of the following topics: Titus Andronicus: 1. In Titus Andronicus , characters frequently speak Latin. These words, phrases, and complete statements clearly serve to provide a classical flavor to the play, but they do more than simply contribute to its atmosphere. Write an essay in which you examine how Latin functions in the tragedy. You won’t be able to talk about all the Latin quoted in the play, so focus on a particular character or group of characters, or a pattern to its use. For example, you might consider when characters speak Latin (moments of calm? Confusion? Anger?). What do you make of its usage? You might consider what texts are quoted and how those allusions relate to or comment on the action of Shakespeare’s play. The Goths, too, speak in Latin and know its literary tradition. What does their knowledge say about their relation to Rome? Does their use of Latin texts reveal their difference from their conquerors? Similarities?
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Essay_Two - Prof. Hamm ( Fall 2011 ENGL 2148:...

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