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Sample_Quiz - (Answer 5 1 English author and playwright who...

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Name: __________________ Fall 2011 Discussion section / Leader: ________________________ ENGLISH 2148: Introduction to Shakespeare (Hamm) Titus Andronicus, (Mock) Quiz 1 Section I: Identify the speaker of each of the following lines. (Answer 5) 1. Lavinia, though you left me like a churl, I found a friend; and sure as death I swore I would not part a bachelor from the priest. Come, in thy emperor’s court can feast two brides, You are my guest, Lavinia, and your friends: ______________. 2. I will grind your bones to dust, And with your blood and it I’ll make a paste, And of the paste a coffin I will rear, And make two pasties of your shameful heads . . . : ______________. Aaron Clown Mutius Sempronius Aemilius Demetrius Nurse Titus Andronicus Alarbus Lavinia Publius Valentine Bassianus Lucius Quintus Young Lucius Caius Marcus Andronicus Saturninus Chiron Martius Tamora Section II: Circle the response that best answers the question.
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Unformatted text preview: (Answer 5) 1. English author and playwright who adapted Shakespeare’s play as Titus Andronicus, or, the Rape of Lavinia (1687): A. Ben Jonson B. Alexander Pope C. Edward Ravenscroft D. Jan Vost E. T.S. Eliot 2. The appeal of Revenge Tragedy to early modern audiences stemmed from: A. Spectacle (violence) B. Foreignness (settings) C. Politics (justice) D. None of these E. All of these Section III: Using the same list of possible answers, identify the following characters. (Answer 5) 1. Calls for election to determine Caesar’s successor: ______________. 2. Fathers a bastard child: ______________. Quiz Grading Scale 15 = A 11 = B -7 = D + 14 = A -10 = C + 6 = D 13 = B + 9 = C 5 = D -12 = B 8 = C -4 = F Quizzes will count for 25% of your final grade in the course (Best 5 out of 6)....
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