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Peer Review 1 ENGL 2148: Introduction to Shakespeare (Hamm) Essay One: Peer Review Sheets 1) Warm-up: Read your colleague’s essay to get a sense of the argument before marking anything on it. You may want to jot down anything that works particularly well (or poorly) on a separate sheet of paper. Consider the following: a) Does the work hold your attention? b) Is it clearly organized? c) Does it use language with ease and grace? 2) Content: With pen in hand, read the essay a second time. In the margins, mark any details, explanations, or quotations that you think are particularly effective. Clearly indicate as well any places where you're having difficulty understanding the discussion or the author’s point. In particular, consider the following issues: a) Argument : Does the essay contain a clear thesis mark it —that is consistent throughout and fully supported by the evidence? The best theses involve a rhetorical risk taken by the author; that is, the he or she proposes something original, even controversial (but not
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