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POLI 2060 Quiz Five October 27, 2011 1. What are the three unalienable rights that all human beings possess according to the Declaration of Independence? Answer: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (the right to pursue happiness) 2. What is the difference between an inalienable and an unalienable right? Answer: Unalienable rights are intrinsic to all human beings. They are not granted by any government or governing body, and can never be surrendered. Inalienable rights may be sold, transferred or otherwise surrendered voluntarily, but cannot be involuntarily taken from a person. The unalienable rights are listed in question 1, an inalienable right would be the right to remain silent when you are arrested. 3. What is the term used by Karl Marx to describe that segment of the population to which Communism is specifically addressed? Answer: Proletariat (industrial workers) 4. Marx names ten (10) planks for the political platform of the Communist Party. Name three. Answer:
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