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POLI 2060 Quiz 4 October 20, 2011 1. What is the key trait that a ruler must possess according to Machiavelli's The Prince ? Define that trait. Answer: Virtu' which is the skillful application of strength 2. Does Machiavelli advise that a ruler be loved, feared or hated? Answer: Feared 3. Rene Descartes famously gave a proof for his own existence in Part 4 of the Discourse on Method . What is that proof? Answer: Cogito ergo sum
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Unformatted text preview: . "I think, therefore, I am." 4. What is the key rule to determine what is and what is not a moral decision according to Immanuel Kant in his Ground on the Metaphysic of Morals ? Answer: When facing a moral decision, you must act in such a way that you would will everyone else facing that decision to act. 5. What is the source of human worth according to Kant? Answer: The possession of reason...
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