Human Origins - Human Origins GS104 Environmental Science...

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Human Origins GS104 Environmental Science Robert McGill 02 Nov 2011
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Human Origins 1 ABSTRACT_________________________________________________________________ Environmental change has influenced human change more than any other factor and has led to adaptation and evolution in response to this environmental instability and change. Natural selection was not a matter of ‘survival of the fittest’ but of survival of those most adaptable to changing surroundings. MAIN BODY_________________________________________________________________ Scientists have developed a variety of ideas concerning how environmental conditions have stimulated human evolutionary change. Humans evolved bipedal walking, the capacity to make and use tools, enlarged brains, and complex mental and social behaviors. The most important outside feature during that period of human evolution is environmental change. This leads to the question of how environmental change may have shaped the evolution of our species. While all organisms encounter some amount of environmental change, some changes are
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Human Origins - Human Origins GS104 Environmental Science...

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