Nordstrom's Performance Goals

Nordstrom's Performance Goals - Nordstrom's Performance...

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Nordstrom's Performance Goals Robert McGill BA 420 Organizational Behavior 17 April 2011 Nordstrom's Performance Goals
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1. Nordstrom creates an open atmosphere, in which every associate’s sales figures are made available to everyone else. Explain the positive impacts. While this is intended to foster creative tension, how might it lead to unhealthy destruction? The positive impacts of making every sales associate’s sales figures available to everyone else are that it creates a sense of competition among co-workers. This competition can drive the employees to go farther, work harder, and push themselves in order to be the top performer in the company. Careful attention must be given to ensure that this constructive competition does not turn into destructive competition. The idea is not to let the employees sabotage each other in order to advance, but to compete more with themselves to better their own numbers and not bring down the other employees numbers. 2.
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Nordstrom's Performance Goals - Nordstrom's Performance...

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