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Organizational Culture - Athwartships – Moving or placed...

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Organizational Culture ROBERT MCGILL BA 420 Organizational Behavior 18 April 2011 Organizational Culture
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In the search for a company with a visible organizational culture, there is no company that comes close to the U.S. Navy. The Navy has one of the oldest, consistent, and strongest organizational cultures to have ever existed. The Navy’s organizational culture is so ingrained and set that, while the Navy has been trying to change it for the last 15 years, it is very resistant to that change. The Navy has a language that is unique to the culture and, in most cases, is entirely unintelligible to those outside the culture without interpretation. This language is often times course, sometimes humorous, but it is ALWAYS unique to the Navy. 90-Day Wonder – Derisive term for a graduate of OCS. Adrift – Not secured; scattered about; not properly stowed, or out of place Alpha Mike Foxtrot - Acronym for "Adios, Motherfucker"
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Unformatted text preview: Athwartships – Moving or placed from side to side aboard ship Balls to the wall – Full speed, or maximum effort Balls to Four – Midnight to Four watch Chips – Ship’s carpenter. Chit – A small piece of paper, often a request for or granting of permission to do something The values of the U.S. Navy are HONOR, COURAGE, & COMMITMENT. These are the Core Values of the Navy and they are what we strive to reflect in our daily lives. These core values are such an important part of our lives that any failure to live up to them, at any time, will result in the most severe disciplinary action. The Navy’s organizational culture is 100% responsible for its performance. Without the culture that we have, the Navy could not have the esprit-de-corps and the camaraderie necessary to go out to sea for 8-11 months straight and still perform like the consummate professionals that we are....
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Organizational Culture - Athwartships – Moving or placed...

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