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MIS 301 (03920): Exam #1 Study Guide Materials Covered This study guide is designed to outline key terms and learning objectives from class #01 to class #12 , which is also the scope of our Exam #1. Generally speaking, the exam will cover materials from textbook, class PowerPoint slides, and assigned articles, but this study guide will help narrow down the scope. It covers the vast majority, if not all, of the knowledge points tested in the exam. In addition to this study guide, you may also want to go over the “key takeaways” from the textbook chapters and our existing reading quizzes. Please note that PowerPoint slides and the textbook are complementary to each other rather than substituting each other. Some terms / questions are only introduced in one source but not the other. We will NOT cover anything about Excel in the exam. In addition, we will NOT directly cover company-specific information such as those about Zara, FreshDirect, or any other companies we have discussed in the classroom, but, the exam WILL ask you to apply concepts/frameworks to example companies’ situation and draw conclusions. For example, the exam will not ask you what is the name of Zara’s parent company, but it could possibly describe a business activity of Zara and then ask you to classify it into Porter’s value chain model. In that case, I will give enough information about this business activity in the question instead of assuming that you remember the details about Zara. Similarly, I will NOT assume that you are familiar with different brands of software and hardware products even if we used them as examples in the classroom. If I use a specific brand in the test, I will give enough background information (for example, see the third example test question in the end of this document). Exam Format This exam is worth 100 points. 25 multiple choice questions at 4 points each = 100 points. The exam lasts 45 minutes (10:05am -10:50am), and we will use the first 5 minutes to hand out and fill in test books and Scantron forms. Scantrons The exam will be completed using scantrons that I provide. PLEASE BRING A PENCIL TO THE EXAM. I only need 3 pieces of information on your scantrons: NAME , UTEID and TEST FORM . PLEASE write that information in the boxes and BUBBLE IT IN. Without this information, your test score will be delayed. Detailed Study Guide
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Fall11_MIS_301_Exam_1_Study_Guide - MIS 301(03920 Exam#1...

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