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MIS 301 Excel Assignment #2 Learning Objectives: 1. Become familiar with importing any type of data into Excel 2. Gain expertise in sorting, manipulating and analyzing data (IF, COUNT, COUNTA, AND, OR, Data Filter, Pivot Table) 3. Develop self-learning capabilities Required Time 2 to 3 hours depending on your proficiency and experience with Excel. If you are stuck, seek help! Otherwise, you may spend lots of time and still not complete the assignment. However, please make sure to ask specific questions and think about where you might be going wrong. The Microsoft Excel help site ( http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel- help/excel-help-and-how-to-FX101814052.aspx?CTT=97 ) is a great resource for understanding how the various Excel features work. Students from several MIS301 classes filled out approximately the same survey at the beginning of the semester. The combined responses – without the names – are available in a text file called “ survey.txt ” (available on Blackboard). Your task is to import this file into Excel and analyze the data to answer several questions. The file survey.txt is tab delimited (i.e., columns are separated by tab). There are 34 columns. Below is a table with the type of information contained in each column. These field names are metadata. Column # Name C ol u m n # Name Column # Name Student Info Technology Info Excel Info 1 StudentID 9 TechComfort 24 LogicalOperators 2 Section 1 0 Programming 25 GroupOperators 3 Major 1 1 Database 26 DataSorting 12 Facebook 27 Filters Classes Taken 13 Twitter 28 TableFunction 4 STA 1 4 Computer 29 Frequency 5 ACC 1 5 Browser 30 RenamingCells 6 FIN 1 6 CellPhone 31 CopyFormula 7 MKT 1 7 Blogs 32 AnchoringCells 8 LEB 18 ProductRevi ews 19 TextMessagi ng MIS 301 Perception Info 2 0 eBookReader 33 CourseObjective s 2 Textbook 34 CourseReaction 1 Based on an assignment copyrighted by P. Konana 2007
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1 2 2 CommunicationFriends 2 3 CommunicationProfessionals Column 9 (TechComfort) is on a scale of “1” to “5.” See the chart below for associated meanings How comfortable are you with technology? Very comfortable 5 Somewhat comfortable 4 Neutral 3 Somewhat uncomfortable 2 Very uncomfortable 1 Columns 19 (TextMessaging) and 33 (CourseObjectives) are on a scale of “1” to “5.” “1” implies strongly disagree while “5” implies strongly agree. “3” implies Neutral. Many columns have either Yes or blank. Yes implies that the student responded “Yes”, while a blank cell implies the student responded “No.” Tasks: Task 1: Import the Tab-delimited Data and Save as an Excel Workbook Download the text file – survey.txt – from the Blackboard (Assignments Excel Assignment 2 Survey.txt) and save it on your computer or flash drive. Open Excel and go to “Data”
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Excel Assignment 2 - MIS 301 Excel Assignment #2 Learning...

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