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Access Exercise 2 Instructions

Access Exercise 2 Instructions - MIS 301 Access...

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MIS 301 Access Assignment #2 (Adapted from MIS Cases: Decision Making with Application Software by Lisa Miller) Problem Description: Koko’s Canine Pet Club is a dog-walking service, catering to caring, yet busy, pet owners. Although the service was only started six months ago, it currently provides pet walking services for more than 50 pets and is registering, on average, 5 new pets per week. She requires a database that tracks her clients, their pets, and the different breeds of dogs that she walks. Ms. Hannah gives you her existing spreadsheet and requests that you create the appropriate tables, create several relationships, construct several queries, design a pet report, and design a client form. Requirements: ERD: Develop a 3-table data model (an entity relationship diagram or a relational model) for the above business problem. Import the provided Excel spreadsheet. Once you look at the date and decide on what tables to make, use the table analyzer to create the tables and let Access assign primary keys. Rename the keys to fit the tables.
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