04-1-11 The Supreme Court

04-1-11 The Supreme Court - The Supreme Court Schedule One...

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Schedule One term each year o Starts 1 st Monday in October o Typically ends in June Sessions o Typically 2-week sittings alternating with 2-week recesses Conference Attended by justices only 2 per week while sitting o Wednesday afternoon Discussion of cases heard on Monday o Friday Discussion of Cases heard on Tuesday and Wednesday Petitions for hearing Deciding to Decide Docket The Schedule of cases to be heard by a court. Supreme Court gets to decide which cases they want to hear 3 Ways to Get on the USSC Docket Appeal Writ of Certiorari Certification Appeal A legal procedure whereby an unsuccessful litigant in a lawsuit requests a higher court reverse the decision made by a lower court or agency as a matter of right. Writ of Certiorari An order of an appellate court to an inferior court to send up the records of a case that the appellate court has elected to review. Certification A procedure whereby a lower court requests that a superior court rule on specified legal questions so that the lower court may correctly apply the law. Most Common Method: Writ of Certiorari Filings 7000-8000 petitions per year Less than 1/3 are paid petitions o Majority are in forma pauperis petitions In Forma Pauperis “In the manner of a pauper” Permission given by the court to a person to file a case without payment of the required court fees because the person cannot afford to pay the fees. They:
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04-1-11 The Supreme Court - The Supreme Court Schedule One...

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