Death Panalty argumentative essay.

Death Panalty argumentative essay. - Aaron Averett Mrs....

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Aaron Averett Mrs. LeBrun English 1010 S4N 3 August 2011 Just or Unjust The death penalty is something that has created tension among American’s for many years. The death penalty was introduced to the United States in the 1930's and since then there has been two controversial outlooks. There are different opinions about punishing a criminal but the death penalty seems to be the leading one. It is said that of all Americans, 80% are in favor of the death penalty but only 39 states have it in action. There is no clear decision on the topic. One might say that we should abolish it but it makes more sense to utilize it because it deterrents the minds of criminals and keeps the society safe from crimes that might occur again. It is often said by groups supporting the death penalty that it is a deterrent for criminals wanting to commit another crime. I partially agree with this statement because I believe criminals do not care about their actions, and do not think about the consequences that might occur. According to the Bureau of Criminal Justice, there was a suspension of the death penalty from 1972-1776. Over the course of time the number of crimes increased drastically from 9,960 to 23,040. Groups such as Amnesty International believe that the death penalty does not deterrent the crimes committed by criminals. If we were to abolish the death penalty based on the fact that it does not deterrent criminals than we can also get
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Death Panalty argumentative essay. - Aaron Averett Mrs....

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