(2) Object Oriented Programming Intro

(2) Object Oriented Programming Intro - Reading CMSC 132:...

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1 CMSC 132: Object-Oriented Programming II Object-Oriented Programming Intro Department of Computer Science University of Maryland, College Park Reading Read Section 1.2 in the Koffman text (not covered explicitly in the second edition, but only two pages, so these slides will suffice) 2 3 Object-oriented programming (OOP) Approach to improving software View software as a collection of objects (entities) Motivated by software engineering concerns To be discussed later in the semester OOP uses two techniques: Abstraction Encapsulation 4 Techniques – abstraction Abstraction Provide high-level model of activity or data Procedural abstraction Specify what actions should be performed Hide algorithms Data abstraction Specify data objects for problem Hide representation
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5 Techniques – encapsulation Encapsulation Confine information so it is only visible and accessible through an associated external interface Approach For some entity X in a program Abstract the data in X Abstract the actions on the data in X
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(2) Object Oriented Programming Intro - Reading CMSC 132:...

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