(8) Java GUIs

(8) Java GUIs - Reading CMSC 132 Object-Oriented...

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1 CMSC 132: Object-Oriented Programming II Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) Department of Computer Science University of Maryland, College Park Reading Read Appendix C in the Koffman text (both editions) 2 3 Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) A GUI is often is the interface between a user and a program Can handle both input and output Affects the usability of a program User interfaces have improved as hardware has evolved Switches and light bulbs Punch cards and teletype (typewriter) Keyboard and black and white monitor (text) Mouse and color monitor (graphics) 4 Model-View-Controller (MVC) This is a model for GUI programming (Xerox PARC ’78) Separates a GUI into 3 components 1. Model application data 2. View visual interface 3. Controller user interaction Model View Controller
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5 MVC model of GUI design Model Should perform the actual work of the program that the GUI is for Should be independent of the GUI, but can provide access methods Controller Lets the user control what work the program is doing The design of the controller depends on the model View Lets the user see what the program is doing Should not display what the controller thinks is happening- base the display on the model, not the controller 6 Programming models Normal (control-flow based) programming model: Start running a program at main() Continue until main() finishes, or System.exit() is called Event-driven programming model: An event is an action or condition occurring outside
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(8) Java GUIs - Reading CMSC 132 Object-Oriented...

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