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Hailey Holman PHL 161 It is often said that the good of the many outweighs the good of the one. While this is a common modern day belief, a certain group of people would strongly disagree with this idea. Those people are called ethical egoists, and hold the belief that we ought to pursue our best interest, even if it means behaving in an unethical manner. (Ethical Theory, p.63) There is much disagreement when it comes to specifying a person’s “best interest”, however. Some may argue that our best interest entails anything that brings pleasure, while others argue that it’s about what will bring us the greatest power. In the film, Crimes and Misdemeanors , motives for pursuing both are present. While it may not be obvious upon first viewing, I believe that this film ultimately advocates ethical egoism by the consequences (or lack of) of the selfish acts performed by the characters in the film, specifically Judah. The main character displaying undeniable behaviors of ethical egoism is a man named Judah Rosenthal. Judah has been married for many years and has a wonderful, loving family; but also has some secrets. He has been having an extramarital affair with a woman named Dolores for many years. Dolores threatens to go public with their relationship if Judah doesn’t leave his wife and devote all of his time to her; something that Judah is not willing to do. In addition to their love affair, Dolores is aware of a financial scandal Judah was involved in a few years back. Rather than having his mistress go public with these life-ruining accusations and forcing Judah to accept responsibility
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CandMphilosophypaper - Hailey Holman PHL 161 It is often...

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