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GossipGirlClose Read - playground The show focuses on their...

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Thesis: The Gossip Girl series, based on the books by Cecily Von Zegesar, portrays negative gender stereotypes of teenage boys and girls. Thesis: In the Gossip Girl series, based on the books by Cecily Von Zegesar, the gender stereotypes portrayed through the main characters are undeniable, and illustrate a world far from the typical. I’ve always been intrigued by “the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” The Gossip Girl series is based on the lives of a group of wealthy New York High Schoolers who like to have fun, and love to cause trouble. The girls are extremely girly, and the boys are the typical “men’s men”. Because of their fortunes, the world is these teens’
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Unformatted text preview: playground. The show focuses on their ever-present drama, and the bad choices they make on a daily basis. I thought this would be an interesting text to do my close read on because some of the things portray throughout the show are pretty outrageous and unrealistic. It will be fun to dissect their lifestyles and reflect on the gender roles portrayed. I want to mainly focus on two characters: Serena Van Der Woodsen and Chuck Bass. Each of these characters is the cookie cutter image of their genders. Serena is very flirty and stylish, where as Chuck is a pompous womanizer. Each character is a great example of the typical stereotypes of teenage boys and teenage girls....
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