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Project Guidelines part 2: Do: Make the project visually and intellectually interesting Use pictures, hyperlinks to videos, or anything that helps you make your point Turn your project in to turnitin by noon, Oct 21. Late submissions are accepted, but at a letter grade deduction and no chance for resubmission. Make sure your work is yours. Bad things happen when it’s not. Don’t Insert a hyperlink to a website that doesn’t relate or you didn’t really check out. Too much of this will result in severe deductions to your grade be afraid to offer your own insights and opinions. Just make sure you can back them up worry if your project goes over, or comes in just a little under. More than a hundred words under could be a problem, though. spend too much time giving background information. If you are approaching 500 words on background info that’s pushing it, but background info is okay and even necessary in some instances. simply repeat class material to me if your subject matter overlaps.
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