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2011 Strategy and Glitch Guide (TheMaddenMaster)(3)

2011 Strategy and Glitch Guide (TheMaddenMaster)(3) - 2011...

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2011 Strategy and Glitch Guide Created by: The Madden Master Glitches Rocket Catching Rocket catching this year is as easy as it has ever been. First take the “Auto Strafe” setting off (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Strafe -> Off) There are three easy ways of doing the rocket catch. Rocket Catching Method #1 (easiest way) When you throw to your receiver, stand in front of the target hold the strafe button (L2, LT) and your receiver will face the ball. Press and hold (Triangle, Y) while in strafe to make the jump and catch. Tips: On fade and streak routes, make sure your QBs feet are set and throw a lob pass while holding the down arrow. This will allow you to easily have enough time to strafe and face the ball before it hits the ground. On short routes such as curls or out routes towards the sideline, throw a bullet pass while holding the up arrow. Make sure your receiver has finished his route and is standing still or the ball will be overthrown if you try to strafe. You won’t have as much time to react so this is a little more difficult. Rocket Catching Method #2 This rocket catch takes more skill with the left stick but the receiver jumps much higher. Wait until the receiver finishes his cut and throw a bullet precision up pass to the intended receiver. As soon as the ball is thrown user control the intended receiver to the red circle (where the ball is predicted to land) and move the left analogue stick down and press (Y, Triangle) to jump. Rocket Catching Method #3 (Automatic) This way of rocket catching is very simple. The easiest routes to try are deep corner routes. After about two steps off the receivers cut throw a high lob pass. DO NOT CONTROL THE RECIEVER! Your receiver will automatically strafe and jump for the catch. Tips TURN OFF AUTO SPRINT AND AUTO STRAFE (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Strafe -> Off) (Start -> Settings -> Game Options -> Auto Sprint -> Off) Use the new high step feature rather than diving for the corner of the end zone: Right analog stick DOWN It will allow your momentum to keep you moving forward rather than being pushed out of bounds while you are flying through the air. Curl Route Glitch The curl route is once again very effective this year. Check out the tips in the money route section for the best ways to run the route. The one way the curl almost always gets shut down in man coverage is when your receiver curls and the defender is sitting right on top of him. Usually, if you make the pass, the defender will jump the pass for an INT or deflection. To make the completion every time, throw a bullet pass to your receiver with precision down and take control of him as soon as you throw. Manually take him and move him towards the ball for
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the catch. The defender will never jump the ball and your receiver will always make the catch with the defender a few steps behind. The process will have to be done quickly since you won’t have much time on this short pass. I suggest holding down while you switch to your man so he can start moving as quickly as possible.
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