6. Thermo and Osmoregulation

6. Thermo and Osmoregulation - metabolism THERMOREGULATION...

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Biology 107 – Fall ‘07 Thermoregulation / Osmoregulation 1 Reading:  Chapter 40: 833 – 840;  Chapter 44: 922 - 931 REGULATION OF BODY TEMPERATURE  (Ch. 40) Metabolism and membrane properties are very sensitive to changes in an animal’s internal temperature o Thermoregulation Four physical processes account for heat gain and loss (fig. 40.13) o Conduction  – direct transfer of heat energy from one object to another o Convection  – transfer of heat by movement of air or liquid past a surface o Radiation  – transfer of heat between objects by electromagnetic waves o Evaporation  – removal of heat from surface of liquid that is losing molecules as gas Ectotherms  derive body heat mainly from their surroundings;  endotherms  derive it mainly from 
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Unformatted text preview: metabolism. THERMOREGULATION INVOLVES PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL ADJUSTMENTS Endotherms and ectotherms use a combination of strategies to thermoregulate • Adjusting the rate of heat exchange between the animal and its surroundings o Vasodilation/vasoconstriction – Fig. 40.14 o Countercurrent heat exchanger – fig. 40.15 • Cooling by evaporative loss Sweat + evaporate Humidity gradient needed • Behavioral responses Put on a coat Biology 107 – Fall ‘07 Thermoregulation / Osmoregulation 2 • Changing the rate of metabolic heat production Shivering: increase in metabolic heat production several fold See Fig. 40.21 in text OSMOREGULATION: WATER BALANCE AND WASTE DISPOSAL (Ch. 44) • Water balance and waste disposal depend on transport epithelia •...
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6. Thermo and Osmoregulation - metabolism THERMOREGULATION...

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