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Exam 1 Vocab

Exam 1 Vocab - Exam 1 Vocab activation energy minimum...

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Exam 1 Vocab activation energy – minimum energy that must be possessed by a pair of molecules if collision is to result in reaction boiling point elevation – increase in the boiling point caused by addition of a nonvolatile solute catalyst – substance that increase the rate of a reaction without being consumed by it electrolyte(s) – substance that exists as ions in water solution, such as NaCl or HCl elementary step(s) – individual steps that constitute a reaction mechanism equilibrium constant (k)– constant independent of the original composition, the volume of the container, or the total pressure freezing point depression – freezing point lowering - decrease of the freezing point of a liquid caused by adding a solute half-life/lives – time required to convert half of the original amount of reactant to product Le Chatelier’s principle – relation stating that when a system at equilibrium is disturbed it responds in such a way as to partially counteract that change mass percent(s) – 100 times the ratio of the mass of a component to the total mass of a sample
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