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Exam 3 Review - between K sp and s takes a different form...

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Chemistry 1128Q Exam 3 Review Chapter 16 Precipitate forms when cation from one solution combines with anion from another solution to form an insoluble ionic solid. Solubility Product Constant K sp =[A + ][B - ]; solids do not appear in expression K sp can be used to determine if a ppt will form by determining the direction of the system. Q has same mathematical form as K sp but it is at a particular moment. o Q > K sp Precipitate Forms More ions than can hold o Q < K sp No Precipitate Forms Less ions than required for ppt o Q = K sp Precipitation Point Saturated with ions When an ionic solid consists of anions and cations of different charges, the relation
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Unformatted text preview: between K sp and s takes a different form, but the principle remains the same. • Common Ion Effect - if there is a preexisting concentration of one of the ions of a compound in solution, the solubility of the compound in that solution decreases. Chapter 17 • ΔH – enthalpy change o NegativeΔH tends to make reaction spontaneous • ΔS – entropy change o Positive ΔS tends to make reaction spontaneous • ΔG – free energy change o Negative ΔG guarantees a spontaneous reaction •...
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