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Dialogue 3 - Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST 1400.014 University...

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Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST 1400.014 University of Connecticut Dr. J. Eves Life of the English Working Class in the 1840s Mary Barton is a young girl from industrial Manchester. She comes from a working class family and, despite her father's request, wishes to work in a factory. At a very early age, Mary learns the difficulty of life in poverty and looks for an escape from its hardships. With the death of her mother, and with a father who has responsibilities that he puts before the needs of his daughter, Mary Barton is left to rely on the guidance of her Aunt Esther and her peers who lead her away from the dangerous route she had once begun to follow. Mary is rather shallow and absorbed by superficial things like physical attractiveness and uses it to try and attract a gentleman lover. She has had a painful childhood and has only a difficult future to look forward to, so it is natural that she would jump at any chance to have a happy and easy life free from poverty. She and her father discuss the hardships the people of the English working class of the 1840s face in their daily lives. John Barton: Mary, no daughter of mine shall work in a factory. ‘Tis 1 the worst of all 1 It Is
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factory work for girls. 2 Mary Barton: But father, you saw those factory girls pass by. They were merry and well put together. Their hair was “ neatly and classically arranged.” 3
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Dialogue 3 - Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST 1400.014 University...

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