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Dialogue 4 - Dialogue 4: Maus Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST...

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Dialogue 4: Maus Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST 1400.014 University of Connecticut Dr. J. Eves The Suicide of Anja Spiegelman The suicide of Anja Spiegelman was an event that forever changed the life of her son, Art. Anja was a Polish woman of the Jewish faith who struggled for her life during the Holocaust. After much agony and suffering, Anja survived and made it back home. It was years later that Anja decided to take her own life. For many years, Art continually tried to understand why his mother would commit suicide after having immense strength enough to survive the Holocaust. After his mother had died, Art searched for his mothers’ diaries, only to find that his father had disposed of the horrible memories they contained. Therefore, he depended on the accounts of his father to learn about the occurrences of the Holocaust and the experiences his parents had therein. Years after Art passed away, he once again is united with his mother in heaven. He is astonished to have come across his mother and is relieved that he will finally have the opportunity to ask her the many questions that had gone unanswered for decades. His encounter would finally permit him to hear his mother’s story. Art Spiegelman: Mother, is that really you?
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Anja Spiegelman: Oh my! Artie! How I have missed you! Art Spiegelman: I have longed for many years to hear the stories of your life and am delighted to finally get the chance to talk to you. I’ve searched for you diaries, but
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Dialogue 4 - Dialogue 4: Maus Anthony M. Cavallaro HIST...

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