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Midterm Review - Music Midterm Review Africa 1 Describe the...

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Music Midterm Review Africa 1. Describe the role of music within traditional Sub-Saharan African cultures. How does music relate to other types of performing arts within these cultures? How does this compare to Western music practice? Connection to ancestors Incorporated in daily life Oral history and communication Music, dance and storytelling all connected with no distinction Western music tends to separate each discipline Western music is more for entertainment Distinction between audience and performer is greater in Western music 2. What are some specific musical techniques that characterize African music? Are some of these practices also used in the West? Can you think of specific examples that may have stemmed from African influence? Ostinato Call and response Reliance on polyrhythm Improvisation Yes, call and response used in antiphony in churches in different sections. Jazz uses improvisation and polyrhythm Jazz and blues stemmed from African influence 3. How does language relate to music in Africa? Is music a form of communication or merely an art? Talking drum’s intonation communicates language Language is tonal – different inflections have different meanings and form melody 911 calls using drums 4. Describe the role of the human voice in African music. How do the various styles of African singing compare to vocal types in other parts of the world? Tonal language – inflected words form melodies
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Midterm Review - Music Midterm Review Africa 1 Describe the...

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