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Europe Map Key - Danube R. Ebro R. Baltic Sea Elbe R. Tagus...

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Geography 1700 Europe A. Locate the following countries: Albania Germany Italy Romania Austria Finland Luxembourg Spain Belgium France Netherlands Sweden Bulgaria Greece Norway Switzerland Czech Republic Hungary Poland Serbia Denmark Ireland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Macedonia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Belarus Ukraine Moldova Cyprus Iceland Montenegro Kosovo B. Locate the following physical features: Adriatic Sea Seine R. Dnieper R. Aegean Sea
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Unformatted text preview: Danube R. Ebro R. Baltic Sea Elbe R. Tagus R. North Sea Vistula R. Bay of Biscay Mediterranean Sea Po R. Tyrrhenian Sea Bosporus Straits Loire R. English Channel The Dardanelles Rhine R. Black Sea Straits of Gibraltar Thames R. Oder R. Pyrenees Mts. Appennines Mts. Carpathian Mts. Alps Ionian Sea Sea of Marmara Crimean Peninsula Gulf of Bothnia Gulf of Finland Norwegian Sea English Channel C. Important Islands Sicily Sardinia Crete Corsica Balearic Islands...
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