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Geography Review Questions – Exam 1 1/30/09 1. What is the major vegetation associated with a tropical savanna climate? a. 2. What is the primary mechanism for precipitation in the Tropical Rainforest? a. Convection uplift 3. What are the soils associated with a subarctic climate known as? a. Spodosol 2/2/09 1. What is the cultural subsystem that consists of the institutions of society known as? a. Sociological 2. Historically, where are the three major population clusters? a. East Asia, South Asia, Europe 3. What region of the world has the highest fertility rates? a. Sub-Saharan Africa 2/4/09 1. What organization has the authority to enforce the rules of GATT? a. World Trade Organization 2. Where are the major manufacturing districts of the world located? a. Mid-latitude region of northern hemisphere
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What economic sector comprises the largest share of international trade? a. Manufactured products (primary sector) 2/6/09 1. What is the busiest port in Europe? a. Rotterdam 2. What is the dominant climate type of Western Europe? a. Marine West Coast (Cfb) 3. What physiographic region of Europe has the highest population density in Europe? a. Benelux Region 2/9/09 1. The break-up of states due to centrifugal forces is known as what? a. Devolution 2. Which countries of Europe speak a Uralic language? a. Hungary, Estonia, Finland 3. What type of regional economic integrations not only allows free trade among member states, but also regulates trade with nonmember states although it does not permit the free movement of labor and capital? a. Customs Union...
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