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Exam 2 Review Questions 1. In what climatic region are most of the major population centers of Russia located? a. Humid Continental 2. What is the most economically and culturally important river system in Russia? a. Volga 3. Which physiographic region is the traditional divide between European Russia and Asiatic Russia? a. Ural Mountain Range 4. What is the Russian term for state-owned form of agricultural production? a. Sovkhoz 5. The borders of states formed from the former Soviet Union are based on the boundaries of what political unit from the Soviet period? a. SSR 6. In Russia, the clusters of related industries based on local resources are known as what? a. Territorial Production Complexes (TPKs) 7. What country in Transcaucasia is predominantly Muslim? a. Azerbaijan 8. In altitudinal zonation, what zone is characterized by plantation agriculture? a. Tierra Caliente 9. What is the prevailing wind pattern of Middle America? a.
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