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Exercise 2 - undertaking. There would likely be nations who...

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Anthony Cavallaro GEOG 1700.003 February 2, 2009 Exercise 2: Europe: How Desirable is Economic and Political Union? The creation of an economic and political union in Europe would be an effective way to overcome the differences of the various European nations and eliminate the disputes that could potentially occur between them. “We have the opportunity… to create an entity whose sum is greater than its parts.” Creating a union would provide great economic benefit. Establishing a common currency and eliminating trade barriers would allow citizens of the region to work and spend money in different nations without worrying about exchange and trade restrictions. While this model provides various benefits, the conversion to such a system would be an enormous
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Unformatted text preview: undertaking. There would likely be nations who would disagree with such a proposal. In addition, many of the nations have very different systems of government and changing them to fit into this model would be very demanding. Rewriting laws, teaching the foundations of the union’s government, developing a universal language and combining the political and economic systems of the member-countries would be enormous and their commitment would be imperative. This solution would not be quick. This would require a hybrid system in the interim and the actual transition would take decades. While it would take a great deal to complete this transition, its long-term effects would be very beneficial to the countries of the European Union....
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