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Exercise 9 - In 1947 Kashmir's population was 77 per cent...

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Anthony Cavallaro GEOG 1700.003 March 30, 2009 Exercise 9: Who Should Govern Kashmir? Kashmir, a Muslim region of the Middle East, should be governed by Pakistan. Kashmir would have been made into part of Pakistan in 1947, but this was foiled by the colonial commission which stopped mapping of the Pakistani border. Instead of keeping the people of Kashmir, with their Muslim background, separate from the Hindus of India, they decided to integrate the two distinct cultures and make Kashmir part of India. As cited in the article, India, with its proclaimed democratic procedures, should hold a referendum to discover the feelings of the people of Kashmir. This placement of the Muslim people has led to much violence in the region of Kashmir. “As parties to the partition process, both countries had agreed that the rulers of princely states would be given the right to opt for either Pakistan or India or—in special cases —to remain independent.
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Unformatted text preview: In 1947, Kashmir's population was 77 per cent Muslim and it shared a boundary with Pakistan. Hence, it was anticipated that the Maharaja would accede to Pakistan, when the British paramount ended on 14-15 August. When he hesitated to do this, the adjacent Muslims in newly created Pakistan along with many Pashtun began to enter his territory. The Maharaja, appealed to Mountbatten for assistance, and the Governor-General agreed that on the condition that the ruler accede to India.” This poor placement of government of Kashmir has led to danger and discord for its people and the War on Terror has caused a paradox in Pakistan. Because of the anti-terror efforts there, they cannot favor terrorism in Kashmir and be opposed to it in Afghanistan. List of References 1. "Kashmir.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 29 Mar 2009. 29 Mar 2009 < http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kashmir&oldid=280401600 >....
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Exercise 9 - In 1947 Kashmir's population was 77 per cent...

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