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Russia Map Key - Ob R. Kamchatka Yakutsk Basin Ural Mts....

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Geography 1700 Russia and the Transcaucasus states A. Locate the following countries: Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan Russia B. Locate the following physical features: Amur R. Laptev Sea Kolyma R. Barents Sea Don R. Kara Sea Lake Baykal Lena R. East Siberian Sea Sea of Okhotsk
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Unformatted text preview: Ob R. Kamchatka Yakutsk Basin Ural Mts. West Siberian Plain Caspian Sea Volga R. Caucasus Mts. Bering Strait Yenisey R. White Sea Sayan Mountains Central Siberian Plateau C. Locate the following islands Sakhalin Island Kurile Islands Novaya Zemlya New Siberian Islands...
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