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1 Past, Future, and Present Cindy Renteria PSY 202 Instructor Janice Mundt July 29, 2011 I. What was your family like? a) Hispanic heritage b) Middle child c) United II. What are some of your favorite memories? a) Elementary b) Gathering family c) Texas City d) Mexico III. Do you have your own family now? a) Wedding b) Daughter c) Pet Bella
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IV. What would make you happy in the future? a) Home b) Family c) Become a speech therapist Past, Future, and Present One of my long-term goals was to attend college and receive my degree in communication disorders in early childhood. With the help of my family and friends I am know able to achieve my goal in attending college for the first time. In this paper I will share a brief summary of my past, present life memories that have also inspired me to be the person I ’am know in addition my future goals. I grew up in a Hispanic culture family my dad was born in Mexico and my mother in El Salvador. They have been living in Houston for more than twenty years then again their customs are still from their country. We would celebrate special occasions with traditions from their country for example, Easter we would not celebrate it in hunting for eggs we would attend church and have family meal together with extended family. Coming from a family of two sisters myself being the middle child at times it would get hectic considering we were all girls especially in our teenage years. Even though we had our moments we always stayed united and our communication among ourselves and parents is definitely great until this day there is not a day we do not talk among each other. My favorite memories from my childhood would be when I attended elementary school. Until
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Past1 - 1 Past Future and Present Cindy Renteria PSY 202...

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