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1 Transformational Learning Cindy Renteria Ashford University When you make a change or start a new challenge considering your past learning experience is called transformational. The transformation learning cycle consists of several steps, two of which are recognizing a significant problem and finding a solution. Transformation is a process that does not come easily, therefore a reflective activity must lead to decision making. You must
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2 decide on your short-term and long-term goals to make a decision in how you will implement them in your life. In general, past and future learning experiences will help you through your transformational journey. A transformational change occurred in my personal life the year of 2006 when I started my first job as a teacher’s assistant. When I started this position I had no experience working with children this concerned me a great deal. I felt that the children would not receive the knowledge and support they were in need of and meet the expectations of the teachers. Then again with the
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Transformational Learning - 1 Transformational Learning...

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