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F11 ANT154A 01BW - Anthropology 154A Primate Socioecology...

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1 Anthropology 154A Primate Socioecology Lecture 1 Introduction The Team Professor: Lynne Isbell TAs: Julie Linden Dena Clink Plan for today: Review the requirements of the course Introduction to your instructors Beginning of course material Readings and Other Materials Lecture pdfs will be available via SmartSite You can download these and print them if you want Grading 15% Participation in discussions 25% Taxonomy, biogeography, and behavior exam 30% Term paper 30% Final exam (cumulative) No late assignments accepted without penalty of 1% off per day (note: syllabus says incorrectly, no credit at all) One required text, available at the UCD Bookstore, online, and at the UCD library reserves
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2 The Course Has A Web Page!! Go to smartsite.ucdavis.edu and follow the directions The course page has pdf lectures And pdfs of additional required readings There will be more information on SmartSite as the quarter continues We Have A Mailing List!! SmartSite has an automated class mailing list through which we may alert you to VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. If you use a different email address than your official UCD address, try going to the IT folks to have your favored address linked to your ucdavis address This is very important for this course and for other communication from the university What to do next? Fire up the old browser and check out the web site. Make sure your email is working—we will assume you are looking at it. If you have a lot of messages in your mailbox, go and empty as many as you can, so emails to you are not rejected. And what next ? Read the syllabus Learn the taxonomy of the primates Get a couple of packs of index cards Start your trivial primate pursuits Remember to: Read the syllabus carefully and know the requirements and the schedule. Go to the web site to download the
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F11 ANT154A 01BW - Anthropology 154A Primate Socioecology...

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