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ANT 154A The Haplorhines 1

ANT 154A The Haplorhines 1 - Genus Saimiri(common name...

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ANT 154A Dr. Isbell THE HAPLORHINES 1 Suborder Haplorhini Infraorder Tarsiiformes Family Tarsiidae Genus Tarsius (common name: tarsier; 5 spp.) Infraorder Platyrrhini Family Cebidae Subfamily Callitrichinae Genus Cebuella (common name: pygmy marmoset; 1 sp.) Genus Callimico (common name: Goeldi’s monkey; 1 sp.) Genus Callithrix (common name: Atlantic marmoset; 6 spp.) Genus Callibella (common name: black-crowned dwarf marmoset; 1 sp.) Genus Mico (common name: Amazonian marmoset; 13 spp.) Genus Leontopithecus (common name: lion tamarin; 4 spp.) Genus Saguinus (common name: tamarin; 16 spp.) Subfamily Cebinae Genus Cebus (common name: capuchin; 5 spp.)
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Unformatted text preview: Genus Saimiri (common name: squirrel monkey; 5 spp.) Subfamily Aotinae Genus Aotus (common name: night monkey, owl monkey; 11 spp.) Family Atelidae Subfamily Atelinae Genus Ateles (common name: spider monkey; 4 spp.) Genus Brachyteles (common name: woolly spider monkey, muriqui; 2 spp.) Genus Lagothrix (common name: woolly monkey; 5 spp.) Genus Alouatta (common name: howler monkey; 9 spp.) Subfamily Pitheciinae Genus Callicebus (common name: titi monkey; 29 spp.) Genus Cacajao (common name: uakari; 2 spp.) Genus Chiropotes (common name: bearded saki; 5 spp.) Genus Pithecia (common name: saki; 6 spp.)...
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