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ANT 154A The Haplorhines 2

ANT 154A The Haplorhines 2 - Nasalis(common name proboscis...

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ANT 154A, Dr. Isbell THE HAPLORHINES 2 Suborder Haplorhini Infraorder Catarrhini Superfamily Cercopithecoidea Family Cercopithecidae Subfamily Cercopithecinae Genus Allenopithecus (common name: Allen’s swamp monkey; 1 sp.) Genus Cercocebus (common name: mangabey; 7 spp.) Genus Cercopithecus (common name: guenon; 20-25 spp.) Genus Chlorocebus (common name: vervet, green monkey, grivet; 5 spp.) Genus Erythrocebus (common name: patas monkey; 1 sp.) Genus Lophocebus (common name: mangabey: 1-2 spp.) Genus Macaca (common name: macaque; 22 spp.) Genus Mandrillus (common name: drill; mandrill; 2 spp.) Genus Miopithecus (common name: talapoin; 2 spp.) Genus Papio (common name: baboon; 5 spp.) Genus Theropithecus (common name: gelada; 1 sp.) Subfamily Colobinae Genus Colobus (common name: black-and-white colobus; 5 spp.) Genus Procolobus (common name: olive colobus; 1 sp.) Genus Piliocolobus (common name: red colobus; 16 spp.) Genus
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Unformatted text preview: Nasalis (common name: proboscis monkey; 1 sp.) Genus Simias (common name: pig-tailed langur; 1 sp.) Genus Presbytis (common name: leaf monkey; 11 spp.) Genus Pygathrix (common name: douc langur; 3 spp.) Genus Semnopithecus (common name: Hanuman langur; 7 spp.) Genus Trachypithecus (common name: langur; 17 spp.) Genus Rhinopithecus (common name: snub-nosed langur; 4 spp.) Superfamily Hominoidea Family Hylobatidae Genus Hylobates (common name: gibbon; 6 spp.) Genus Symphalangus (common name: siamang; 1 sp.) Genus Hoolock (common name: hoolock; 1 sp.) Genus Nomascus (common name: crested gibbon; 4 spp.) Family Pongidae Genus Pongo (common name: orangutan; 2 spp.) Family Hominidae Subfamily Gorillinae Genus Gorilla (common name: gorilla; 2 spp.) Subfamily Homininae Tribe Panini Genus Pan (common name: chimpanzee; 2 spp.) Tribe Hominini Genus Homo (common name: human; 1 sp.)...
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