ANT 154A The Strepsirrhines

ANT 154A The Strepsirrhines - Indri(common name indri 1 sp...

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Dr. Isbell, ANT 154A THE STREPSIRRHINES Suborder Strepsirrhini Infraorder Lemuriformes Family Cheirogaleidae Genus Allocebus (common name: hairy-eared dwarf lemur; 1 sp.) Genus Cheirogaleus (common name: dwarf lemur; 7 spp.) Genus Microcebus (common name: mouse lemur; 19 spp.) Genus Mirza (common name: mouse lemur; 3 spp.) Genus Phaner (common name: fork-marked lemur; 1 sp.) Family Lemuridae Genus Eulemur (common name: lemur; 7 spp.) Genus Hapalemur (common name: bamboo lemur; 4 spp.) Genus Prolemur (common name: greater bamboo lemur; 1 sp.) Genus Lemur (common name: ring-tailed lemur; 1 sp.) Genus Varecia (common name: ruffed lemur; 1 sp.) Family Lepilemuridae (aka Megaladapidae) Genus Lepilemur (common name: sportive lemur; 26 spp.) Family Indriidae Genus Avahi (common name: woolly lemur; 9 spp.) Genus
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Unformatted text preview: Indri (common name: indri; 1 sp.) Genus Propithecus (common name: sifaka; 3 spp.) Family Daubentoniidae Genus Daubentonia (common name: aye-aye; 1 sp.) Family Lorisidae Genus Arctocebus (common name: angwantibo; 2 spp.) Genus Loris (common name: slender loris; 2 spp.) Genus Nycticebus (slow loris; 5 spp.) Genus Perodicticus (common name: potto; 1 sp.) Genus Pseudopotto (common name: false potto; 1 sp.) Family Galagidae Genus Euoticus (common name: needle-clawed bushbaby, galago; 2 spp.) Genus Galago (common name: bushbaby, lesser galago; 4 spp.) Genus Galagoides (common name: lesser or dwarf bushbaby, galago; 8 spp.) Genus Otolemur (common name: greater bushbaby, galago; 3 spp.) Genus Sciurocheirus (common name: squirrel bushbaby, galago; 2 spp.)...
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