ANT 154A Term Paper Guidelines

ANT 154A Term Paper Guidelines - Anthropology 154A Term...

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Anthropology 154A Term Paper The goal of the term paper is to become knowledgeable a specific aspect of primate socioecology. You are to write a 10-12 page review article for “submission” to a primatological journal (i.e., your TA). The topic is of your choice (see paper timeline, below), but must focus on a specific topic and taxon , using the following format: 1. Abstract: A brief summary of the topic/problem and taxon discussed in the paper. Should not exceed 200 words. 2. Introduction: Provide background to the topic/problem as it relates to the study of primate socioecology and why it is important. This means you should clearly state what your topic is and introduce the theory behind the topic/problem you will review in the rest of your paper. 3. Discussion (two parts): a. Taxon Discussion: The paper must review the literature of the natural history of some taxonomic subset of the primate order (species [e.g., Pan troglodytes ], genus [e.g., Callicebus ], subfamily [e.g., Cercopithecinae], family [e.g., Lemuridae], etc.) thoroughly. That is, it must cover the relevant literature up to date . b. Topic Discussion: This section of the Discussion should employ biological theory and principles that you learn from lectures and readings to interpret some aspect of socioecology suited to the group of animals you discussed above
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ANT 154A Term Paper Guidelines - Anthropology 154A Term...

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