Lecture 1 - Plant Biology 113 – Lecture 1 Professor John...

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Unformatted text preview: Plant Biology 113 – Lecture 1 Professor: John Harada TAs: Ryan Kirkbride and Andrea Schrager INTRO&COURSE DESCRIPTION I. Unique aspects of plant growth and development A. Overview B. Novel Aspects C. Differential gene activity underlies cellular function Unique Aspects of Plant Growth and Development Why study plants?- plants are the bases of the food on the plants. o In the next 50 years, we will need to produce more food than has been produced in the entire history of human kind in order to feed the entire population. o We need to produce more food on the same, or less, arable land and under the constraints of climate change o Require different approaches to growing crops (more efficiently and more productively) - plants do things differently from other organisms o Plants vs Animals: Plants undergo alternation of generation. • Apply for flowering plants and some non-flowering plants • Two generations: sporophytic generation and gametophytic generation . o DIAGRAM-15 • Comparsion of Life cycles of plants and animals: o Animals : adult (2N) undergoes meiosis => gametes (1N, egg and sperm) unite through fertilization => progeny (2N) grows up to adult through mitosis again. o Plants : diploid sporophyte (2N) undergo meiosis => spores (1N) undergo mitosis to give rise to gametophye (1N) => gametophyte give rise to gametes via mitosis (1N) => gametes utilize to form embryo (2N) DIAGRAM -13/14 Plants undergo gametophyte development • Plants start out with spores (megaspore and microspore) o Microspore: undergo mitosis and give rise to male gametophyte (pollen grain) Pollen grain contains two sperm cells (2 gametes)...
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Lecture 1 - Plant Biology 113 – Lecture 1 Professor John...

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