Lecture 4 - PLB 113 Lecture 4(HW1 due next Thur II Genome...

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PLB 113 – Lecture 4 (HW1 due next Thur) II. Genome Org and Gene Express D. How many genes in plant genome? E. How many genes are expressed in a plant? Repeated DNA consists of: - a few genes (rRNA gene) - satellite DNA - transposons (retrotransposon and DNA transposon) Many plant genomes consist of retrotransposon. Retrotransposon tends not to be present in gene but somewhere else in the genome. Organization of scDNA and repeated DNA: Long period interspersion pattern Short period interspersion pattern Question of the Day: What hybridization patterns would you obtain if you hybridized a 13Kb genomic clone from tobacco with a tobacco DNA gel blot? - There will be a lot of bands, which means 13Kb genomic clone from tobacco contains lots of repeated DNA even though this fragment also contains scDNA. - It will hybridize the gel as both scDNA and repeated DNA. o Tobacco gnome contains short stretches of single copy DNA that’s interspersed with repeats - In order to determine the signal copy DNA on the 13Kb is to cut the fragment into smaller fragments and do the hybridization again. C value paradox : organismal complexity doesn’t co-relate to genome size. Why is that? Theories: 1) accumulation of repeats 2) polyploidy (<= wrong) Does polyploidy explain the C value paradox alone? Ans. No Polyploidy is the phenomenon that the number of copies of genome is duplicated. = the number of chromosomes double = the number of repeated DNA and the number of scDNA increase proportionally However, genome size is defined as amount of DNA in haploid genome. Even though the number of the genome is duplicated, we are still looking for haploid genome.
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Lecture 4 - PLB 113 Lecture 4(HW1 due next Thur II Genome...

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