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Marty Prep Assignment

Marty Prep Assignment - everything into one single...

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Martin E. Marty Prep Assignment Reading Assignment: Back cover, and Chapter 3, One People One Story (p. 44-61). After reading this above assignment, answer the questions below: 1. According to the back cover, the last sentence in the book reads, “The advice for every citizen who wishes to participate in American Life and its necessary arguments: start associating, telling, hearing, and keep talking.” What do you think Marty means by this? I think Marty is basically telling us what the American way of living is. Basically, if you don’t tell, hear, or talk, then you will not be in pace with our American way of life. 2. According to Marty, governments, corporations, and other organizations sometimes try to suppress multiple perspectives and show “one story”? Why do you think this happens? If you simply have one story to share, people will only pay attention to one story. This will keep
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Unformatted text preview: everything into one single perspective that people will focus on. 3. Give some examples (according to Marty) of people in history that supported sameness ? Mainly the founding fathers of America were the people Marty most believed supported sameness. 4. According to Marty, how has public education promoted sameness? In the school books that public schools use. 5. Do you know your family’s “story”? Family stories are passed down through family members. Briefly describe one of your family stories. If you have siblings, do you think they would share the same perspective of the story? Why or why not? My family has always been close to one another. Any relative I talk to will share that my family, together, has always agreed on the same aspects in important issues. I know my siblings share the same view because on occasions we still talk of our family past....
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