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PROXEMICS I. Many elements affect the communication process. Some of these are: A. Physical appearance B. Clothing style C. Size and shape of room D. Lighting and temperature E. Arrangement of furniture II. Space is another very important factor in the communication process and is the major focus of this unit. A. Definition: Man’s use of space is called proxemics. This is the Body of principles, observations and theories of man’s use of Space as an extension of his personality and his cultural conditioning. B. Territoriality 1. Men (and animals) have a need to establish and maintain Certain spaces as their own – their territories.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Territory can be staked out through the use of objects. 3. Territory invasions may cause stress of defensiveness. C. Space can be classified as: 1. Intimate Distance – physical contact of 18 inches. 2. Personal Distance – 1 ½ to 4 feet. 3. Social Distance – 4 to 12 feet. 4. Public Distance – 12 feet to the limits of visibility and hearing. D. Factors affecting space and distance: 1. Relationship of the people involved. 2. Physical setting. 3. Topic under discussion. 4. Cultural background of the people communicating. E. Architecture...
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