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Unformatted text preview: Management 340 ­ Section 15 (20471) (T 7 ­9:45pm) Introduction to Organizational Behavior (OB) Professor: Craig Rusch, Ph.D. California State University, Fullerton Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Fall 2011 Group Project # 1 This first paper is a group self ­reflection and is required for all groups. The paper is 5 ­pages max (excluding bibliography and/or exhibits) (12 point font, double ­spaced with 1” margins. Not following any of these guidelines will reduce your grade. Each group will prepare a presentation (including notes, 5 slides max) version of each paper to communicate the most important lessons learned from each assignment. The Assignment: Group Self ­Reflection As a self – reflection this assignment will demand that you think about who you are and what implications that has for you at work. “Who are we as a group”? Breaking this into a manageable task is part of your job as a team. There are several component items that I would like you to reflect upon; however be careful to be thoughtful and responsive with the text and outside sources. Please do not summarize them? These are not check off boxes but thinking tools. Try to be creative in your work as well. Using the information in the text as well as other relevant outside sources. I am interested in your interactions and responses with what you present not the volume of sources you can find. A minimum of 5 sources is reasonable: 1) Book 2) popular 2) scholarly Who are the individuals? What is each persons make ­up? What are there strengths and challenges for each group member? How will the group function together? What area of business is the group interested in? Industry ...
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