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Management 340- Section 15 (20471) (T 7-9:45pm) Introduction to Organizational Behavior (OB) COURSE SYLLABUS California State University, Fullerton Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Fall 2011 Craig Rusch, Ph.D. Visiting Adjunct Office: SGMH 5387 Hours: T 5:30 – 6:45pm Class location: LH 303 Required text Robbins, S.P. & Judge, T.A. Essentials of Organizational Behavior (Fourteenth Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, 2011. Supplementary readings may be assigned. Overview Most managers rely on personal experience, advice, and the popular press to guide their management practices. OB is a social science that takes us beyond these by providing an evidence base that distinguishes effective and ineffective management practices. This course introduces you to this evidence base so you can become more competent managers and leaders. Managers assemble, coordinate, and integrate the skills, talents, and resources of individuals and groups to achieve organizational goals. They do this under the constraints of limited information and resources, looming deadlines, and teammates or subordinates with disparate agendas. Mgmt. 340 aims to improve your problem diagnosis and problem solving skills related to major challenges you will face as managers. Specifically, this course provides tools, skills, and strategies for: Enhancing the effectiveness of your managerial judgment. Learning how to be an effective leader, teammate, and follower. Motivating yourself and others to accomplish organizational goals. Improving the effectiveness of individual and group decision processes. Analyzing, designing and controlling organizational units and their activities. The course is organized around the three main areas covered by OB: individual, group and organizational-level phenomena. Course materials: Using reading material, lectures, in-class exercises, videos, case study analysis, and class discussion, we will learn ideas and theories for understanding behavior in organizations. The class is most effective and fun when everyone participates in the learning process. It is important that you prepare for each class by completing assigned
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Management 340 Rusch Fall 2011.docMGMT-340-15 - Management...

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