afro 311 - essay 2

afro 311 - essay 2 - This course gives an in depth look at...

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This course gives an in depth look at many types of American ethnic groups as well as the struggles they have put up with in the past and may face in the future. One ethnic group that is of particular interest to me is African Americans. I personally believe that African Americans are the group that received the worst treatment in the past out of all American ethnic races. Also, I believe that the past mistreatment coupled with the prejudice and systematic racism that still exists to this day has limited this group’s ability to progress in the speed that it could otherwise. I feel that the main problem that African Americans are facing in our times is a lack of equality, despite all of the measures taken by the government in the past to facilitate fairness within our society. Specifically, I believe that the lack of equality for African Americans in education is the most detrimental part of this issue because an educated population of a minority race is the most important and influential way to gain equal rights in other areas of our society as well. Contrary to popular belief, African Americans as a group have made significant strides towards becoming a highly educated population. According to our textbook, 20.8 percent of black adults were high school graduates and 17.5 percent had completed a 4-year college degree (Page 196, Racial and Ethnic Relations). This is in comparison to the 90.1 percent of White Americans with a high school diploma and 30.7 percent with a 4-year college degree. Though educational gap has significantly narrowed, a large economic gap still exists between African
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afro 311 - essay 2 - This course gives an in depth look at...

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